Barocco Veneziano

Luca Artioli
Mandolin Ensemble

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The Mandolin in Venice in the Baroque Age

The Mandolin, which had its first heyday during the Baroque period, is experiencing a grandiose comeback in our time.

Led by the artistic director Luca Artioli, the Mandolin Ensemble and its soloists embark on a fascinating journey through the venetian Baroque age.
In this time many venetian composers has written rousing concertos and sonatas for the mandolin, which Luca Artioli virtuously brings to life.

This excursion gathers all the precious treasures that have conquered the world: baroque concertos and sonatas by Antonio Vivaldi and Tomaso Albinoni, as well as Venetian Gondola music from 1700 are all in the repertoire.

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